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The natural world continues to be a rich source of inspiration for Carol who has a long held interest, and acquired a deeper understanding whilst studying a Biological Sciences degree at Warwick University.

The 60
th anniversary of the discovery of DNA inspired the piece ‘LUCA - An Evolutionary Echo’ (2014) which represents a sequence of DNA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) found in every single living thing.
Hand stitching depicts in panel 1 microbes, fungi and plants, panel 2 invertebrates and panel 3 vertebrates, highlighting Rosalind Franklin whose role in the discovery of DNA is not widely known. Across the three panels are the 63 bases in hand dyed blanket felt in groups of 3, with the amino acids they form machine stitched across, and the single DNA strand weaving through is raised chain stitch.
Carol Clark
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A decline in butterfly sightings in her garden lead to three pieces in appliqué, machine and handstitch.
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More recently Carol’s work has become more abstract and she is enjoying stitching by hand – quilting, appliqué and embroidery.
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