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Sue trained as a zoologist and has taken a life long interest in the environment. As a child she did simple embroideries but it was not until her own children had fled the nest and she was looking for something completely different that she returned to textile work via City & Guilds.

“I found a whole new world in fabrics and threads. It is such a hands-on art form; creative, full of ancient tradition and yet quiet and tranquil.

When I look up at a clear night sky I am amazed at the vastness of the heavens and marvel that each quantum of light reaching me from distant starts is unique to me and has taken millions of years to reach the earth.
At the same time I am aware that the thin film of atmosphere that supports mankind is less than ten miles thick. I try to portray in my work the fragile nature of our existence in the eternity of the universe.

My methods are simple. I layer my own space dyed fabrics to obtain translucency and then use Kantha running stitch techniques to create line and movement.”
  Sue Haysom
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